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We know that choosing the right environment for your child’s care is one of the most important decisions you will make for you and your little one. Sandfield Day Nursery provide childcare and education for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years. We are proud to promote equal opportunities and will meet the specific needs of any child. You are encouraged to visit us and experience for yourself everything we have to offer.
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Children engaging in a painting activity in the nursery facilities.


Our child friendly facilities suit all different ages and stages of development. We provide a comforting, secure and relaxed atmosphere in which your can develop. Our facilities are second to none and we take great pride in offering a level of care where both children and parents can feel safe and secure.
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Caring for children is our passion, and it’s our staff who are your child’s greatest assets. We diligently select our staff, taking into account their child friendliness, qualifications and teaching experience. Our parents know that their children are in safe hands, able to leave them in our care with peace of mind.
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Situated in the heart of Nottingham,
we're ideally located for those in the Lenton, Radford, University and QMC areas.
  • Accommodating children aged 6 weeks - 5 years
  • Full time, full day or half day am/pm
  • Equal opportunities and specific needs compliant
  • 10% discount for students

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Sandfield Day Nursery: The Best Day Care Nursery in Nottingham

At Sandfield Day Nursery, we understand that parents are looking for more than routine childcare when they enrol their children in a day nursery in Nottingham. That’s why we have gone above and beyond in our quest to provide local children with an environment that is safe, stimulating and – above all – supportive. If you are looking for childcare in Nottingham, you won’t find a more qualified provider than Sandfield Day Nursery. 
We have helped many young children get their education off to a great start and look forward to helping many more in the years to come: our nursery care in Nottingham is designed not just to provide for your little one’s physical wellbeing but to nurture their mind as well.

We Are So Much More Than a Typical Nursery School in Nottingham

Sandfield Day Nursery provides so much more than standard day care in Nottingham. Our programme is designed to bring out the best in young children – encouraging them to constructively engage and interact with the world around them. In order to accomplish this, we carefully vet each of our childcare workers and actively seek out those with the unique talents required to support young children as they explore their surroundings. 
This is only one of many ways that we go above and beyond in our attempt to operate the most wholesome and beneficial child day care in Nottingham. We also give a great deal of time and attention to designing activities that are both fun and educational. 

If you are looking for a pre-school in Nottingham, you will not find a better-equipped facility with more capable staff. We genuinely love helping children grow and develop as they embark on their life journey. But do understand that availability is limited. Contact us today to enquire about the possibility of enrolling your child at Sandfield Day Nursery. 

We know that you only want the best for your children in all areas of life and when it comes to a local nursery in Nottingham, we are determined to make sure that we remain the very best choice for boys and girls from all over the city and surrounding countryside. We have worked hard to establish a reputation that is second to none among local day care facilities and can honestly say that you will not find a better place for your child to spend their formative years than our beautiful nursery school in Nottingham. 

We Insist on High
Staff-to-Child Ratios
Our childcare philosophy requires an excellent staff-to-child ratio. These are the minimum ratios provided for each of the age ranges that we work with: 
  • Babies (six weeks to two years) – One adult staff member for every three babies
  •  Toddlers (two to three years) – One adult staff member for every four toddlers
  •  Pre-School (three to five years) – One adult staff member for every eight pre-schoolers 

We’re also one of the only Nottingham nurseries to provide such extensive and well-thought-out facilities. We have dedicated rooms for each age range, along with a special room dedicated for soft play. Furthermore, all of the furniture and fittings in our local nursery in Nottingham have been specially selected to ensure that the children under our care are always safe and comfortable.  

If you are looking for affordable childcare in Nottingham, Sandfield Day Nursery can deliver. Contact us today to enquire about availability or to learn more about our day care prices in Nottingham. 
Your Child Will Thrive in Our Childcare Facilities in Nottingham
In our experience, childcare facilities around Nottingham offer little more than the bare minimum. They’ll see to it that your child is safe and comfortable during the time that you’re at work, but they do little to cultivate an early sense of curiosity or even a love of learning. In our opinion, facilities like this are letting young ones down. 

At Sandfield Day Nursery, we have a more progressive philosophy. We understand that the young people under our care are just getting started in life, and they need lots of help, guidance and encouragement as they embark on their new life adventure. In this sense, we go beyond the typical day care facilities in Nottingham in an effort to make a supportive and constructive environment for our little learners. 
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Making the Right Choice
Your children's early years are among the most important in their whole lives so it is vital that you make the right childcare choices first time around. With this in mind, we always recommend that new parents pay a visit to our day care facilities in Nottingham before deciding whether they would like us to look after their son or daughter. We know that we offer the best care available in the city but we want you to be sure that what we have to offer is right for your child.

We also recommend that you explore other options for day care in Nottingham, which is something that most providers would not dream of suggesting. We do this because we feel that every parent should be aware of the choices they have and, having made their final decision, have no doubt that it was the right one to make.

If you are looking for affordable childcare in Nottingham, Sandfield Day Nursery can deliver. Contact us today to enquire about availability or to learn more about our day care prices in Nottingham. 
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